The pivotal aim of the project lies in the promotion and the visualization of existing competences in the fields of Materials Science and Materials Engineering as well as in the field of Process Technology within the Greater Region. By creating tighter networks and organizing cross-border events, the consortium provides support to the SMEs of the Greater Region as new business opportunities are generated. This shall not only take effect through the enhancement of the visibility of the enterprises, but also at the hand of industry-relevant research results in order to reduce the “time to market“ in the sector of materials and processes. The strengthening of the exchange of knowledge and of the transfer of technology between research institutions and businesses as well as among the involved regions shall be achieved through a variety of measures, which result in a goal-oriented composition of the competences and technologies in the materials and processes field.

As a next step, topics that are of interest to businesses are identified and are thus selected as a basis for topic-specific and cross-border workshops. The events offered are then jointly organized by the partners of the project.

The information collected within this framework is applied in two ways: on the one hand, a research map of the Greater Region shall be compiled, which depicts existing know-how and technology; on the other hand, collaboration between research institutions and businesses shall be encouraged and therewith initiate an innovation process, which ultimately shall lead to successful economizing and research. Consequently this will lead to the (economic) strengthening of the respective regions. 

These actions, combined with the efficient external and internal communication strategies supported by the project’s corporate identity, a website and other resources, are expected to result in the branding of the intermatGR network of excellence in the Greater Region and within the European Union.